Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grandpa Crandall

Last week my Grandpa Crandall passed away. An event like that always brings memories and emotions to the surface. At the viewing and the funeral I had the chance to visit with family and cousins I grew up with and reminisce about being little. Like many of my cousins, one of my favorite memories of Grandpa is riding on the back of his motorcycle to the mine to find Fool's Gold. And riding horses. And watching Grandpa change the water. And the witch house at Keetley and the squeaky bed in the kitchen there. And the big rock in their front yard at home. And for some reason, my sister and I both talked about the smell of Grandma's pantry-so good:) Remembering Grandpa of course brought up memories of Grandma and talk about my dad, both of whom we all miss and I'm sure Grandpa was overjoyed to see, among so many others. I'm always telling my kids how blessed we are to be an Eternal Family. Times like this truly bring that blessing into perspective. To be together forever! Yay. I am so thankful for the sure knowledge of the gospel. And for my heritage. We love you and will miss you Grandpa.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of...

On Sunday afternoon, I took out a bottle of sparkling cider that we forgot to open on New Years Eve. Now, being the super-crazy partiers that we are, the boys instantly recognized the bottle. Hayes: Hey, what's that? Is that a PIRATE drink? Dax! Mom has a PIRATE DRINK!!! Dax came running and was extremely worried when he saw the bottle. Dax: Mom, pirates drink wino. Why do you have wino? I calmly explained that it was just apple juice in a fancy bottle and it was ok for us to drink it. Dax: Oh, Ok. Well wait just a minute. He disapeared and returned wearing his Disneyland pirate hat. Dax: (very seriously) I thought if I was going to drink a pirate drink, I better wear my pirate hat. Well duh! Why didn't I think of that?! And not to be outdone, Asher had to have a hat to drink his as well, so he got the magician hat. Why not? Magicians can be winos too, i guess:)

Christmas 2008

The boys left Santa some green dinousar cookies and 9 carrots for the 9 reindeer. This year Dax wanted to be extra nice and leave Santa a note with the treats-I mean, it was Christmas Eve, after all, and going the extra mile couldn't hurt, right? He composed it entirely himself-which I'm sure that you figured out when you read "we lick you". We did not actually lick Santa, but we do LIKE him:)