Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is What I Get When I Go To Work

See that adorable head of hair? Its my favorite. My very favorite. Its perfect. Its just Asher. Now look a little closer. Hmmm, there's definitely something going on on one side there. I wonder...

Yep. That's sure a big glob of something. A big, gooey, knotted glob. Gum? Syrup? Candy? No sir. Just a little Metallic Battle Bug Glitter Slime. With which to cover your Metallic Battle Bug, of course. Or to goop into your hair.

Ah, no. That's not coming out. Believe me we tried. And just to make it even more yummy, we smeared some peanut butter on it to see if that would help. Nope. It just produced screams like I was trying to rip all the hair out of his head just to be mean. Ok,I need a minute here. I think I'm going to cry a little. We're going to have to cut this out.

Tears. (mine, not his) Cut. Gasp. Cut. Cut. Sigh.

Ok, maybe its just the boy that's adorable. Lots of hair or not.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm A Blogging Slacker

I'm a total blogging slacker. There are several reasons on which I can blame this. #1: Our wireless router died and until we buy a new one my lovely, CONVENIENT laptop is useless for blogging and in order to access the internet I have to squat on my bedroom floor and crane my neck up at the tv in a very awkward, very annoying way. Yes, I know that makes no sense. Ask Tyler. He is the hooker-upper at our house and although I love him dearly, we all know this kind of thing get done a little half-a**** around here. That's just how we roll. Plus if the computer is hooked up to the tv then it records stuff for free. We really like free. And we LOVE recorded tv. Lots of it. Reason #2: unlike anyone else (heavy sarcasm), I have been uber busy and feel as though I have totally missed the first half of the summer. Poor Picked on me. Actually it's a good thing. I quit one job and started a waaaay better one. Let it just be said that cashiering at Walmart should only be done as a last resort. Now I get to work in a nice office and am done by one everyday and we are settling into our new routine quite nicely, thank you very much. There. Now you know my reasons. Because I know you all care. Really just because I enjoy rambling. On to the important stuff.

In June we went to visit Grandpa Dave and Grandma Julie at Mackay and check out the new four wheelers and the new boat. I was super fun and Grandma and Grandpa took very good care of us, as always.

Mackay is a fun little mining town with tons of trails and even some ghost towns. Its a good place to explore.

We went in this mine just a few feet until it was blocked off. Very creepy. Makes working at Walmart seem like maybe the second worst job. And yes, that is the classic "I can't hold it any longer" pose you are seeing.

We tried, but got nothin'. Fish have an aversion to Geldmachers.

Awww, so sweet. When you can't hear what they're saying.

And now this afternoon we're off to join the rest of the riff-raff at Payson Lakes-and hopefully take full advantage of the rest of the summer:)