Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Uh, Does This Make Me Look Bad?

While I do like to joke about it sometimes, the answer is no. We do not beat our children. Even when they are extremely obnoxious. Which is a lot. And yes. That is a cast on another broken arm. Hayes fell on (or off, more like it) the playground at school last Friday. While Tyler was there. We did the responsible thing and took him to the doctor all the while thinking," Its not broken. We couldn't possibly have another child with a broken arm. He's fine." And the doctor thought he was fine too. No pain, no swelling. Just obnoxiousness. So we went home and went on about our business. Saturday I asked Hayes to fold a basket of towels and suddenly his arm was in excruciating pain. Enough pain to prevent him from folding. Yeah right. Fold the towels. But in his defense, it was starting to look swollen and puffy. By Monday-three days later-it was still sore enough we went back to the doctor (actually Grandma Jo was the lucky one to spend her entire day there-thanks mom:) and sure 'nuff, it's broken. I think Hayes was secretly a little happy about it.

Every once and a while, they're not obnoxious. Every once and a while, they're just so cute I can almost believe it will last.