Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tender Mercies

Its pretty much still a new year. Hallelujah. Last year was hard.  And crappy. Seriously.  There was nothing I wanted to blog about.  Plus, I'd heard people mention that all of these family blogs were so unrealistic and only posted about the good and the happy and not real life. So I wrote off dumb, stupid, show-off blogging. And then...

 You can see where this is about to go, right?

And then a few nights ago I perused our "old" blog just for fun. What do you know. Its pretty great to go back and see pictures and read about what my little family has done in the past few years.  There were things I had already totally forgotten about. And I miss it. I miss journaling about the big accomplishments and the little daily moments that make our life really good, in spite of the hard stuff.  Everyone on the planet has hard stuff.  But everyone also has really, really good stuff, too.  The stuff to be thankful for. The Tender Mercies.

See these people?  They are my tenderest mercies and my drive-me-crazyests.  But mostly they are tender.  And despite my crusty attitude, they are growing and changing and experiencing. So I am back to post pictures and record the silly and the important moments in our life. Our family journal. Because we are here and our life is good.

2011 In A Lot Of Pictures


 Jr.Jazz and Daxon's first real pair of Jordan's.  Tyler was more excited about them than Dax.  But that's OK.  Serious basketball players need serious equipment, right?  And we are nothing if not, uh, serious.

About the first eight months of Zoe's life were spent in this chair.  Safe on the counter next to mama, away from brothers who would love her to DEATH.  This particular moment I believe we were getting ready for the park.

 Asher learned lots important stuff and at school last year.  This was one of my favorite projects he brought home.  Gums and teeth made from pink play dough and Lima beans. I though it was super funny and maybe just a tiny little bit creepy.

Another favorite hang out spot for Zoe Girl. That nightgown I looooved.  See how here feet were sticking out the bottom because it's really for a little new born?  I put it on her until it was so small it was ridiculous.

See what I mean about the chair?

 In March Hayes...

 turned eight,  (Eight?! When the when did that happen?)

 got Baptised and Confirmed,

and started Cub Scouts. He was also lucky enough to fit perfectly into Grandpa Evan's scout shirt. And because Grandma Crandall was so very Grandma Crandall, it was in perfect condition.  Better condition than Daxon's 1.5 year old scout shirt.  I am no so Grandma Crandall. That's OK.

I am so very proud of the Grown Up Kid (not a little boy, not a young man yet, thank heavens) Hayes has become. Funny, happy, smart. Amazing.

Daddy and girl at the Zoo.

A Real Game.  As in soccer.  Not as in the opposite of an imaginary game. 

A dragon at Sunday dinner.
Clearly I wasn't kidding when I said I take her picture almost daily.  Notice her proximity to the chair.  I'm positive the instant after this pic was snapped she was popped right into it.

Ash graduated Year One of Preschool

 Thanks Miss Jamie!

 Dax participated in his first Hersey Track Meet.  I totally remember Hersey Track Meet Day every year from third to fifth grades.  I did not usually (or ever) excel at track meet-like events. But the important part is that I always thought it was a super fun day away from the classroom. 

Dax is in the far left lane.  Like his mother before him, he didn't come away with any medals, but he did have a super fun day away from the class room.

Zoe around 9 months.  Learning about the one sport at which her mother really is good.  Doesn't she seem right at home in Hobby Lobby?  Naturally.

Let's leave it there for now.  2011 to be continued.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

6 Months!

Can you believe this girl has been around for 6 months?

I think I take her picture every day. Really.

At six months Zoe's big accomplishments include: Trying really hard to sit up by herself. Excitement and kick, kick, kicking a lot. Standing on any available lap. Huge smiles and lots of happiness. Belly laughs. Sucking of her left thumb. Sleeping throught the night. She also loves loves the boys. They talk to her and she lights up like a Christmas tree. Even more when they hold her and -heaven help me-Dax carries her around like its his job. Her goals for the near future include: holding her bottle by herself, branching out her food varities, and rolling over. This last goal might have already been acomplished if she ever had a chance to lay on the floor and even try.

Knee socks on chubby legs. Need I say more?

We kind of like her a lot. I guess we'll keep her.

A Big Day and a Christmas Party in February

After four attempts at a date, Zoe finally got a blessing and a name on February 5, 2011. Woo hoo!Is she not the sweetest thing you've ever seen? I thought so. Me too.Caitlin Rupp was also very sweet and shared her baptism day with Zoe. It was so neat to have the family together to celebrate these two beautiful girls. I so wish I had a picture of Catie and Zoe. The problem is that I'm not great at pictures on days that are slightly stressful and fully fun. I have almost no pictures of the boys' blessing days, so this is at least a step up.

And after the blessing the real fun and important part began, at least according to the boys . A Christmas party! With presents! In February! Tyler's family didn't have a chance to get together over the holidays, so we thought, why not? Who doesn't love a Christmas present, whenever?Crue. Seriously want to bite his cheeks.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and help us celebrate Zoe and Caitlin's big day. To have the love and support of the people we love is the best blessing we could ask for. Johnstons, Callan, and Grandpa Dave and Grandma Julie, and Grandma and Grandpa Wiley, we were thinking of you and missing you!

School Stuff

Asher's class has gone on quite a few field trips. The latest was to the Post Office. I just love that face. It makes me happy. (second to the end on the left)
Daxon's class learned about communities by creating one: Welcome to Rock Falls. We heard
a lot about this project as they were working on it. Definitely a favorite of the year.

Everyone got to be a citizen and be in charge of one of the buildings. Dax built the town hospital and helped with the Army base.

Say cheese! Seriously, I know.

Its About Time

Whew. Zoe's an eater of cereal now. Even though Dr Knochel said 6 months, I couldn't take it anymore and started her at more like 5 . Yay for staying full and sleeping through the night.

So sometimes having the tent live in the family room isn't so bad. It makes awesome sleepovers when awesome Max comes to stay.

Christmastime 2010

Christmas is always such a great time of year, and 2010 was no exception. A few highlights from our Holidays:

Of course we had to visit Santa

All of Grandma Jo's kiddos. Use your awesome imagination to picture Zoe bundled to the bundle hilt in the stroller just off to the side. Also, brave, brave Krew. And Jaci.

The last day of school before Christmas break we were cursed, or, ok, maybe blessed- if you're one of those moms who are super prepared and ready for the holidays long before they start. You can always assume that that will never be me-with the first ever snow day that I can remember. Truly. Around these parts it takes a lot for things to shut down due to weather. But this day it actually happened. Being a true scout, Dax built a snow tunnel/cave/fort.

Hayes began construction on a wall from behind which to throw massive snowballs.

Ash did a little sledding, a little building, a lot of hot chocolate drinking.

And Hello! I made my very first ever from total scratch Cinnamon Rolls! They took forever, by the way. I don't know what I was thinking. It must have been all that snow. And the Christmas music. I was in a mood I guess.

The Nativity. Another first for our family, but definitely not a last. L o v e d it. Such a fun way to remember the Reason for the Season.

For some reason I started a tradition of making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve evening when the big boys were really little. The boys always love it, even if it makes me hate myself a little bit every year :)

Asher asked for an "inside tent" about a week and a half before Christmas. Santa may or may not have been a little stressed out by it, but he sure delivered. The tee pee is as big as our tree and lives occasionally in our family room. Thanks a lot, Santa.