Monday, March 23, 2009

Team Jacob Rocks

Sunday night Camille hosted the best Twilight party ever! And yes, you are seeing correctly. We are each wearing a Twilight shirt. Except for Grandma- but look closely and you will see she is sporting the largest Twilight button JoEll could find. We've offically crossed the line. And we're ok with that. The night started with a delish dinner and dessert and we even enjoyed some official scratch and sniff Twilight conversation hearts. Then on to the main event! A pajama party in Camille's basement. Seriously, it took about three and a half hours to actually watch the movie because we had to pause it to comment so much. I think Jaci is actually in love with Edward. Like really, really, make out with your pillow and pretend its him eleven-year-old crush perma grin in love. I think I laughed so much I might have peed my pants just a little:) And this is just the begining. #2 comes out in November-and you can bet we'll be there with our shirts on.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Happy Six Years Old Haysie!" And "Meet Skid"

Yesterday my Haysie Baby turned six. I can't believe it. Well, ok I guess I can since he likes to act 14. But yesterday he was truly a sweet six-year-old loving his birthday. It started off with a bang. I mean a lizard. Hayes LOVES lizards and snakes, and since Tyler is not a huge fan of snakes (a screams like a little girls when he sees one fan) we got Hayes his VERY OWN pet lizard. A real live one. The liz is a Leopard Gecko named Skid. Skid because when we opened the cage we said, "Now, be very careful until he gets used to us he'll be very skittish." Hayes caught on right away and said "Skittish! Skittish is the perfect name! What does Skittish mean?" And so, he is officially Skittish, Skid for short. Or Skiddy Skiddy like Ash says, which sounds a lot like kitty kitty coming from him.

I can't get Hayes to smile nicely lately. He always wants to pull a weird face. I guess its a six-year-old smile.

He got to have his very first friend party which he really really loved and I really really loved when it was over.:)

Now, don't go judging my lizard cake. I never said I was a pretty cake maker. But I try, and I like to tell myself that counts for something. Plus, thankfully, it doesn't take much to impress a six year old boy.

Hayes is not only an obnoxious, eye-rolling teenager trapped in a little boy body who loves Sponge Bob and video games. More than all that, he is my sweet little boy who adores to be kissed and cuddled and snuggled when he thinks no one is looking. He says the most sincere, heartfelt prayers. He loves school and riding the bus and has already learned how to effectively fake sick on Sunday morning and make a miraculous come back by Sunday afternoon. He is a smart, good boy. And something I love about Hayes that I hope never changes: he is his own person. He dosen't care what anyone thinks-he knows he's cool. Now if I can just channel that knowledge for good and not evil...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fox in Sox

It's Dr. Seuss week at the boys' school and today Hayes's class had Fox in Sox crazy sock day. He was just thrilled I said he could wear shorts, because, you know, we've all been going through strep throat and I'm a good mom like that. Dax is still sick and didn't get to wear his crazy socks, so he's a little bummed. And of course Hayes would only give me a geeky pose because he dosen't want his picture taken. But we are pretty geeky around here...