Thursday, October 30, 2008


Max, Hayes and Dax on the Kontiki at Lagoon. I've been a picture slacker lately, so we don't have many from that day, but I found this still shot from the video camera and thought it was cute. Those boys sure have a good time together. I always love nighttime at places like Lagoon -the dark and the lights make it seem even more fun. Tyler's family always tries to go in October for Frightmares and if the weather is good I highly recommend it. The weather that day was beautiful, although I think everyone in the state (and possibly the surrounding states) realized it was a great Lagoon day because it was pretty busy. But the good company and the rides made up for the crowdedness (is that right?) and we had fun. Thanks everyone for going with us:)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dax Is No Longer Six-and-Three-Quarters

Friday was Daxon's 7th birthday-he's so big I can't believe it! And of course he had a big friend party of which I have not one picture. Not one. I got so caught up in managing the party that I didn't take any. And it was cute! A non-scary haunted house with everyone in costume. Tyler filmed some video, but it's mostly my VERY loud voice trying to be heard over all those boys and some disturbing shots of my muffin top revealing that my t-shirt was a lot cuter 5 (or 10) lbs ago. Not good for public viewing. Anywhooo, back to Dax. As he likes to say, lately "I'm really into Pokemon and Star Wars". And he received a lot of both, but a whole whole lot of Pokemon. So he's very happy and I have just several thousand more cards to read from and hear about. And thank you to my sister who gave him a hideous Clone Wars poster for above his bed. And now here comes the part where I brag about how amazing Dax is. He is so stinkin' smart I'm a little afraid. I love to hear him as he is learning to read, he's nearly on a second grade level. He spouts random facts that are usually accurate. He loves school. He has always had a great imagination. He's a good friend, a great big brother, and he is (almost) always willing to happily do what he is asked-pick up his stuff, do his homework, put on his seat belt, whatever. And he is blessed with that natural boy ability to make varying gun/fighting noises surprisingly realistically. Oh yeah, and I love that he still has that little kid confidence to draw whatever he wants-usually dinosaurs-and think that his drawing is sooo good. Dax is a happy, good-natured kid who makes me happy to be a mom:) I love you buddy-Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Years Old!

Asher turned two yesterday and my sweet baby isn't a baby anymore-although he is still pretty sweet, just with some stinker mixed in. He makes me smile and laugh out loud and I just can't get past the dimples. And I hope that I never forget how he talks right now. Its just so him:)Happy Birthday Ash, we love you so much!

Happy Birthday JoEll!

Happy Birthday(yesterday) Mom! I know you didn't want any obnoxious "nifty to be fifty" announcements, so I'm making this a "50 and Super Hot" announcement instead:) I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for being my mom. You have always, unfailingly been there for me. You are beautiful and smart and kind and fun. Way fun. And I can't remember you ever telling us to get out of your sight:) So Happy Birthday-I love you. And my offer for a REAL 50th Birthday party still stands.