Monday, August 24, 2009

First Grade, Second Grade

Ok. Tell the truth. Am I the only one to breath a huge.sigh.of.relief on the first day of school? We had a fun summer and I love these adorably handsome boys more than can be said, but Hello. We were all ready for this day. Although I am having a hard time believing they're both this big. Dax is excited to be a second grader and have just a little more clout and Hayes can't wait for the Big Kid Playground and Lunch At School. In fact, Hayes came home after the first day and before I could get a word out he said in a very level and serious voice, "I know. You want to know how it was. Well, it was the best day of my life."
And in a fabulous start to the school year we missed the bus on the first day and today, four days in, we've had our first fake sick day. There was lots of moaning and groaning about sick bellies until about 9:05. By the time I had called in to work and excused them from school it turned into a video game playing, bug catching, snack eating party around here with no sign of a sick tummy anywhere to be found. Hmmm. 1st and 2nd grade and they're already sneaky little buggers. I can tell I'll have to keep my bull-crap-o-meter finely tuned this year. Just kidding. Sort of.

"We've Never Had a Broken Bone in Our Family..."

Those were my exact words 2 days before Asher decided to cowboy up and ride Jen like a horse. Which she sort of is. Needless to say the ride didn't last long and we ended up in the emergency room. Ok. So it wasn't right away. 2 1/2 year olds fall a lot. Sue me. Now what's really fun is telling the Dr. that our small child was riding our Great Dane and fell off. I don't think they could tell if we were serious on not. I believe I predicted Ash would be the one last year when we had him in the ER. Now if I can just keep him off the tramp...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Random Summer Fun

The Provo Freedom Festival had a very impressive reptile show. All the more impressive as it was FREE. Somewhere, Tyler is screaming like a little girl...

Catching Crawdads while camping at Strawberry was waaaaay better than real fishing any day. Just ask the boys. Not to mention we had much better luck. Who knew you could have so much fun with some raw bacon and a piece of string?

Camping at Yuba was fun this year but very strangely super-duper cold.

Tyler got front row tickets to a Salt Lake Real game at work. It was really cool. This may show my extreme ignorance of the game, but I had no idea soccer was so scarffy. Do they wear team scarfs at all soccer games?

They also gave out chicken buckets as the preferred form of headwear. This, of course, appealed greatly to us.