Sunday, May 25, 2008


For Memorial Day weekend, we went to see Grandpa Dave and Grandma Julie and they took us to Yellowstone. It was a fun trip, and included all of the essential elements of a classic family vacation: a lot of time in the car, a lot of sight-seeing, a little too much togetherness and a little to much throw up. And don't forget the souvenirs-you know us and PRIZES. Yellowstone was beautiful, if a little cold and rainy. It didn't rain enough to keep up from seeing all of the important stuff-Old Faithful, the bubbling hot geysers (sp?) waterfalls, and animals. Mostly buffalo. We heard rumors that there were bears roaming around, but we never got to see one. The buffalo were cool though. One walked right by us through the parking lot on his way to the bathrooms (at least thats were it looked like he was going) and a herd of moms and babies caused a traffic jam as we were driving. The boys loved the Dragons Mouth spring because it looked, sounded and smelled like a dragon lived there, I chose Artists Point as my favorite and Tyler was really impressed with the Old Faithful Lodge, which actually puzzles me as this was the site of the throw up incident. Asher just liked any moment he could get out of his seat. Grandma and Grandpa were wonderful to put up with us all-thank you so much for taking us, we loved it and we love you!

Kids Summer Reading

I'm excited because I think that the big boys might finally be old enough for me to try reading easy chapter books to them this summer. We tried it briefly and they seemed to actually be able to focus on it for a few minutes-miracle of miracles! I have a few in mind, but its been ages (obviously) since I looked for or read chapter books on that level. I'd love suggestions on some for little boys. (And if you look at my sidebar, some for me too :)

Another, Equally-As-Important Big Day

Haysie Hayes is also moving on! He graduated from his last year of preschool on Friday. As it turns out, we had plans to go out of town over the Memorial Day weekend so unfortuately we missed the actual graduation program, but I was able to go to his last class and watch the kids rehearse. It was a hoot! Again, I may be biased (as with Dax) but I SWEAR he was the best singer and knew all the actions better than anyone:) I don't know what I did to deserve such great kids-but I love and am so proud of you Hayes and I count my blessing every day-even on those days (you all know what I mean:) ).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Big Day

In more important news-today was a big day for Dax. He graduated from kindergarten and is on his way to first grade! I can't believe how much he has grown in the past year. He is truly no longer a baby or even a little boy for that matter. He is reading like nobody's business and -even though I'm his mom its true-is really becoming quite a smarty pants. We love and and so proud of you Daxon! Congratulations!

As anyone who knows me knows, I get just slightly obsessed with decorating magazines, shows, etc. Anyway, a project that has always been on my "have to try that" list is an upholstered headboard. Keep in mind, this is my first attempt. I found a huge frame at a garage sale and decided that maybe that would work. I've been fairly happy with the results, but the fun of it for me is that at my house, everything is always a work in progress subject to sudden and frequent change. And looking at the room from a picture is very different than it seems actually standing there-which means now I see stuff that needs to be changed...

Well, Tyler has finally done it. He's always wanted his own business, and now he's got it. Consider this the official birth announcement of High Five Marketing. Tyler's a very proud daddy and is super excited-we both are. I must be crazy because I haven't really been that scared or nervous to go out on our own. In fact, I didn't even freak out when he (we) made the decision-in just a matter of a day or two-to totally quit his job and start his own center. I guess that I always knew this was coming. The timing just seems right, so I hope I'm not eating these words in a few months! In all seriousness, I'm really proud of him and I know that if anyone can make this work it's him. So keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer or two for the Geldmachers and their new baby:) Oh, and if you need a job, let us know-we're always hiring...ha ha.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Take Time to Stop and Feed the Ducks

I love May! It has always been my favorite month-the weather is finally shaping up, there are fun activities on the calendar, the school year is ending and there is the anticipation of summer right around the corner, before any of it has been wasted or the heat has gotten the best of me. Today we decided to take full advantage of it being May and go to feed the ducks at Salem Pond-something I can remember always doing growing up. We saw a guy catch a HUGE fish, seriously almost as long as my arm, and Dax immediately wanted to know WHY I hadn't brought his pole, obviously not remembering he was terrified and screamed like a girl last time he actually caught a fish. Hayes really wanted to catch a duck and put it on his wall. Asher found a few waddling across the grass and followed them to the water just like he was another baby duck, except he growled and yelled his own version of "duck!" at them until they calmly swam away. Plus its always exciting to walk over the bridge and worry that one of the boys (the littlest in particular) will try to jump off and give me a heart attack:) Its a pretty good way to spend an afternoon:)