Friday, March 26, 2010

We Got Skills

This season was our first attempt at Jr Jazz, but so not our first attempt at the the Art of Appreciating Basketball. Or, Basketball As An Art Form. Tyler has a solid belief that one should have a deep love for all things basketball (and college football, if we're going there), especially where the Jazz and the Cougars are concerned. He has for some time now done everything humanly possible to draw the boys' interest to this love. This includes basketball parties, basketball jerseys, creating team posters to use at home during the game, going to actual games, and sometime even playing basketball. Also the Holy Grail of at-home basketball activities, teaching the boys to keep track of players' points using box scores. The boys, of course love all of it, but mostly just because they love their dad:)

So as I said, this was our first year for Jr. Jazz. It was actually a really good program for the boys. They spent most each hour each week learning skills in a workshop and then played in a short game at the end. We um, need the skills practice to say the least. I just hope for Tyler's sake that at some point they begin to take after him in this department, because my basketball skills are just about as good as my bow hunting and nun chuck skills. They did have a ton of fun and were really excited for basketball each week, which is the important part, right?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scouts is Awesome

In February Dax received his first badge-his Bobcat-at the Blue and Gold Banquet which also happened to be the Scouts 100th Birthday party. He was pretty excited and pretty proud of himself. In case you didn't know, you're super cool when you're old enough to go to Scouts. Grandma Jo invited Dax over to help him make his Blue and Gold cake for the cake auction. She said he was very "hands-on" and didn't really want her to help, but in the end allowed a few suggestions and maybe some help with the letters. The cake was much admired at the auction and sold to the Geldmachers for a whopping amount. And I must add a thank you to our wonderful scout leaders. It can't be an easy job to have what must seem like several hundred eight-year-olds at your house on a weekly basis. You guys rock.

Christmas 2009

Christmas was so fun! The boys are at such a great age for that time of year. It's sort of magical for them. Oh, except for Asher. The problem is that he is never Big Enough, as evidenced by the fact that he really hated everything Santa brought him. Seriously. It started with not getting a snow board like the big boys and never really got better. He asked for Rocky the Robot Truck for months. But after the snow boards, nope. Hated it. It was super adorable, that throwing a fit on Christmas morning:

Thank goodness for Aunt Camille. She might only have girls at her house, but I think she knows a thing or two about little boys because Ash loved his present from the Jewetts.It was a beautiful day, so we took the boys right out to test their balance on their new boards. We have some perfect hills behind our house. I won't say the word "naturals" came right to mind, but they did pretty good for their first time. By the time we went home they could both stay up all the way to the bottom of the hill.

And believe it or not Asher actually became one with his super duper sled and even liked it a whole lot. Will wonders never cease.