Saturday, February 19, 2011

6 Months!

Can you believe this girl has been around for 6 months?

I think I take her picture every day. Really.

At six months Zoe's big accomplishments include: Trying really hard to sit up by herself. Excitement and kick, kick, kicking a lot. Standing on any available lap. Huge smiles and lots of happiness. Belly laughs. Sucking of her left thumb. Sleeping throught the night. She also loves loves the boys. They talk to her and she lights up like a Christmas tree. Even more when they hold her and -heaven help me-Dax carries her around like its his job. Her goals for the near future include: holding her bottle by herself, branching out her food varities, and rolling over. This last goal might have already been acomplished if she ever had a chance to lay on the floor and even try.

Knee socks on chubby legs. Need I say more?

We kind of like her a lot. I guess we'll keep her.


April said...

Oh my gosh! She is an absolute doll! I love how she just looks like an absoutely beautifu girll version of your boys.. Your kids are so cute!~

Katie said...

I love all your updates! Your cinnamon rolls look AMAZING! And fun tent. I love Dax's smile, and I must say, I was impressed with his hospital.

Hillary said...

It's good that her and Daisy are best friends already.

That girl is simply beautiful. I'm having the same picture taking troubles with D. every day she seems to do something picture worthy.