Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Haysie Baby is 5!

Oops. I mean our big kid Hayes who does NOT like being called a baby. But I can't help it, he'll always be my Haysie Baby :) Hayes turned five years old last week on the 11th, and as I mentioned before, he's on his way to teenagedom. He really wanted to go to the aquarium, so we all went to the Living Planet Aquarium for his birthday. We saw real sharks and those of us who dared touched a few slimy marine animals. Asher tried to swim a few times. It was almost as good as Sea World -for someone who's never been there to make the comparison, ha ha. Anyway, he got to have chocolate cake and spaghetti and be the official "picker" ( you know, of anything that required picking, such as movies) of the day. I'm pretty sure it was a successful birthday. Love you Hayes!


Jamie said...

It's Jamie Jensen. I found your blog from Kristen's, so glad to see your cute boys again! We miss your cute family, what's new?