Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Important First

NO-thank heavens-this is NOT my butt. It belongs to a fortunately anonymous stranger:)

"Rise and shout the Cougars are out..."

Last week Tyler decided the big boys were ready for their first BYU game, and I think-no I KNOW-that he was more excited about this fact than they were:) It was very fun and a big part of this is because, as you all know, we Geldmacher's love TREATS and PRIZES, both of which we got at the game. The other reason we had such a good time is because Tyler is much, much, much more patient that I am and when the boys were over it by half time he packed us up and we left, no problem, no pressure. I'm sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that for the second game in a row, BYU was killing it one gazillion to ZERO by halftime:)


The Finches said...

FUN!! Good thing it wasnt like the first one and as hot as hadies. Im sure they would have been out of there before kick off. Umm.. and that ladys butt. LOL Hopefully she never comes across your blog.

Katie said...

Ahhhhh...Cougar Football--once again, ver jealous. And your yard looks great! Your hard work is really paying off. Can't wait to see it in person.

JLR said...

We were at the same game but I promise that is NOT my butt. We took the kids to their first BYU game that day. It was fun but HOT we left about the same time. Nice yard!