Thursday, October 30, 2008


Max, Hayes and Dax on the Kontiki at Lagoon. I've been a picture slacker lately, so we don't have many from that day, but I found this still shot from the video camera and thought it was cute. Those boys sure have a good time together. I always love nighttime at places like Lagoon -the dark and the lights make it seem even more fun. Tyler's family always tries to go in October for Frightmares and if the weather is good I highly recommend it. The weather that day was beautiful, although I think everyone in the state (and possibly the surrounding states) realized it was a great Lagoon day because it was pretty busy. But the good company and the rides made up for the crowdedness (is that right?) and we had fun. Thanks everyone for going with us:)


Julie Geldmacher said...

Happy smiles! We wish we could have been there. We will try for next year. Thanks for the picture.