Friday, May 1, 2009

We spent conference Sunday at the Rupps with the Bells enjoying the sunshine and the cousins (aren't cousins the BEST when you are little?) and the Rupps new four wheeler-thingy.
Emmie, Max, Hayes, Asher and Dax
Tyson and Tyler.
Tyler loved the ride more than any of the kids and was only reckless enough to be responsible for one accident involving his oldest child and copious amounts of blood. Which, interestingly enough, revealed that Daxon's front tooth was always that big and always hung a little lower than the one next to it. The dentist said so. The next day I took him because I was positive it was going to fall out after the accident. But no. Really his tooth is fine and just looks like that. Hmmm.


Katie said...

Blood? Loose permanent teeth? My husband might have gotten scolded for such reckless behavior. I'm sure you're a much more patient wife than I :) Glad it turned out ok.