Friday, October 23, 2009

My Favorite Three Year Old

My Mr. Asher Asher Bo Basher turned 3 years old on October 4, 2009. I can't believe he's so big. But he can. And then some. What's not to love about Ash. The way he talks. The killer dimples. The squishy on-the-mouth kisses the big boys won't even dream about giving me anymore. Even the unibrow. Love it all. And then there are times when he says things like this: As I'm picking him up from Camille's-who babysits him everyday, bless her heart- he starts throwing his usual fit. He never wants leave her house. Its way too fun. It daily reaches the point where it is not cute anymore and I carry him screaming to the car. This particular day he is calling me the name he calls everyone when he wants to be especially mean, which is "baby!" in his meanest voice with his meanest look. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with his brothers telling him he's the baby) So I say to him."Fine. If its so much better here, then maybe Camille will let you live with her." He looks at her and starts to cry. Which makes me feel bad until he says- wait for it- "but I really really like Daddy." Again. What's a mom not to love?

We celebrated Asher's birthday for about three days, which greatly confused him on the fourth day. On the Friday before we went to the dinosaur museum with Grandma Jo and Camille and the girls. I didn't take my camera, and also didn't realize that the settings on my phone camera were a little messed up. Oh well.

Enjoying the highly delicious sliders at Marley's in the Harley Davidson complex

Next we celebrated with Grandma Jo, with whom he shares his birthday. She asked for a yard work party. And that's just what she got. Which explains all of the cuteness in the following pictures. We were doing yard work, people! We can't be gorgeous all the time! Loves, Loves BatmanAnd Loves Loves, Loves Mickey Mouse Club House

Almost as much as we love you:)


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Asher! He is so cute!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Asher. I can't believe your baby is 3. So crazy.