Monday, July 26, 2010

Yay For SnowBird (In the Summertime)

It's always one of the highlights of our summer. We're lucky enough to get to stay at Snowbird for a whole week every year with Tyler's family-they've been going for somewhere around 30 (yes, that's three-oh) years now. And every summer, without fail, someone asks me, "What do you do at Snowbird in the summer time?"

Well, we do a LOT of this:

Some of this kind of stuff:

Dax playing Minute to Win ItShooting off rockets

The ever-popular GAME ROOMGrandpa Dave doin' it Shuffle Board style

And then of course we throw in some of this:Tyler and Asher on the new ropes course(yes they are each wearing a safety harness)Ren, Max and Hayes

Dax and Hayes-too cool for for school or parents on the lift and the Alpine Slide this year

Asher and Porter mastered the Bungee Tramp

Dax on the whatever this thing is called

All the cousins at the top of the tram

Asher, Hayes, Dax and Max

So as you see there is plenty to keep us occupied. These were just a few of the five gazillion pictures we took this year. In the measely ten years I've been we've also been known to fish a little, hike a little and even craft a little. There has been story time, birthday parties, golfing, x boxing and girl's Spa Day. You name it, the Geldmacher's have tried it. While all of this stuff is totally fun, my favorite part is that we mostly do a whole lot of hanging out with family we don't see very often. And of course we engage in a TON of my most favorite pastime- eating. But as I try not to take any pictures of my huge seven-months-along self, let alone with food in my mouth, you'll just have to use your imagination for that part. Trust me, it tastes fabulous, it's just not pretty.

And that's what you do at Snowbird in the Summertime.