Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bear Lake

This weekend we went up to Bear Lake with Grandma Jo and the the Jewetts for no other reason than just to get out of town for a while. When I first asked Tyler to find us somewhere to go, I was thinking hot, or at least warm. You know, a spring break-ish type of place (but G-rated for a family). Bear Lake was the opposite of hot, but still a lot of fun. Anywhere with a pool is a hit with the kids. And anywhere with junk food is a hit with me:) There was still ice on the lake and Tyler made the smart decision to walk across the marina. He was lucky and didn't fall through the ice until he was almost on the shore and only got wet up to his knees. I still think he was pretty cold and had wet shoes the rest of the trip. The next day we explored the lake and all of us walked on the snow and ice until Dax fell through up to his waist. He was a little scared, but felt pretty cool that he was just like Daddy. Great. We called it an end to the ice-walking adventures and stuck to the famous raspberry milkshakes and the dry land.


Callan & Jaci Finch said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I wish we could have came, but I agree we need to take a trip somewhere with WARM weather :)

Katie said...

Hey Em--looks like fun! You're such a cute mom. I'm glad you're a blogger!