Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dino Park

A few weekends ago we spent a Saturday having fun with some friends and family-my favorite:) We visited the Ogles and saw their new house and then we all met the Bells at the Eccles dino museum and park in Odgen. Needless to say, the dinosaur park was a big hit because we LOVE dinosaurs almost as much as transformers. After that we helped Max Bell celebrate his 5th birthday. I'm sure Hiedi loved Hayes commentating loudly during the entire present opening-kids don't want new clothes. Kids just want toys for presents. For the record, Max did get both :) Then Tyler and Ren broke out the motorcycles and gave all the kids rides and Hayes discovered his need for speed. I've been trying to upload some video, but so far the only thing that that has yielded is frustration and maybe and bad word or two. But I'm going to keep trying, so wish me luck! Anyway, it was a good Saturday for the Geldmachers.