Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kindergarten FINALLY Started!

Yay for Hayes! Today was the first day of kindergarten, and let me tell you it was a loooong week between the first day of first grade and the first day of kindergarten-there were a few times there I thought we wouldn't survive the wait. He was very excited and not nervous one bit. Thus the blurry picture-he couldn't hold still for two seconds, the excitement just wiggled out of him:) He also couldn't wait to finally ride the bus with Dax after walking him to and from the bus stop for so long. I realize that I'm biased, but I think that he just may be the cutest kindergartner I've ever seen!


Jennifer said...

He looks way excited. What are you going to do with just one kid for those few short hours? My youngest had such a hard time when his brother went to Kindergarten and it was just me and him. He suddenly became very aware of where I was at all times and would scream if I left the room. That didn't last long, but still annoying. He's fine this year though.

Staci said...

Hi Emily. This is Staci with Simply Chic Blogs. What happened with your previous background is the creator ran out of space in their photobucket account. I have upgraded to pro and have unlimited space, should that shouldn't be happening with these backgrounds. Thanks!