Sunday, August 17, 2008

Payson Lakes

Dax made friends with this dragon fly

All my boys:)

Saturday evening we REALLY needed to get out of the house before some member of the family ended up with some form of bodily injury-either by accident(them wrestling until I wanted to scream) or purposeful(them wrestling until I wanted to scream). We decided to drive up Santaquin canyon and ended up at Payson Lakes. It was absolutely beautiful there and totally worth the gas money it took get everyone away from the tv and video games and outside. We had a great time exploring together and it reminded me how much I love my little family. Yes, sometimes I do need reminding:)


Julie Geldmacher said...

You know Emily, my boys still wrestle every time they get together. I thought they would out grow it, but no.
You did a good thing to get them out and remember how great your boys are. They are handsome boys and love their mother.

Katie said...

Looks like fun! There's something so great about the canyon in the summer! I love that smell and throwing rocks in a lake can be so theraputic. We should get together sooner than later.