Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scouts is Awesome

In February Dax received his first badge-his Bobcat-at the Blue and Gold Banquet which also happened to be the Scouts 100th Birthday party. He was pretty excited and pretty proud of himself. In case you didn't know, you're super cool when you're old enough to go to Scouts. Grandma Jo invited Dax over to help him make his Blue and Gold cake for the cake auction. She said he was very "hands-on" and didn't really want her to help, but in the end allowed a few suggestions and maybe some help with the letters. The cake was much admired at the auction and sold to the Geldmachers for a whopping amount. And I must add a thank you to our wonderful scout leaders. It can't be an easy job to have what must seem like several hundred eight-year-olds at your house on a weekly basis. You guys rock.


Deanna said...

We LOVE scouts at our house. It's been my church calling for almost two years, and even T & t get to come's like the best thing of the week in their book!!!