Friday, March 26, 2010

We Got Skills

This season was our first attempt at Jr Jazz, but so not our first attempt at the the Art of Appreciating Basketball. Or, Basketball As An Art Form. Tyler has a solid belief that one should have a deep love for all things basketball (and college football, if we're going there), especially where the Jazz and the Cougars are concerned. He has for some time now done everything humanly possible to draw the boys' interest to this love. This includes basketball parties, basketball jerseys, creating team posters to use at home during the game, going to actual games, and sometime even playing basketball. Also the Holy Grail of at-home basketball activities, teaching the boys to keep track of players' points using box scores. The boys, of course love all of it, but mostly just because they love their dad:)

So as I said, this was our first year for Jr. Jazz. It was actually a really good program for the boys. They spent most each hour each week learning skills in a workshop and then played in a short game at the end. We um, need the skills practice to say the least. I just hope for Tyler's sake that at some point they begin to take after him in this department, because my basketball skills are just about as good as my bow hunting and nun chuck skills. They did have a ton of fun and were really excited for basketball each week, which is the important part, right?


Julie Geldmacher said...

Hayes and Daxon, you are awesome basketball players. It looks like a lot of fun!
Thanks, Emily, it is so fun to see the scouts and Christmas. It makes us feel a little like we are there.

Cathy Lloyd said...

YAY for Jr. Jazz and Scouts!