Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seven Years

Hayes turned 7 on March 11. He's practically all grown up if you ask him. But I think I'll keep him a little boy a while longer:) For his birthday he had a Lego party and received another Leopard Gecko, which he named Leopard Head. Very creative, I know. So now there is Skid and Leopard Head. Tyler wants to change them to Skid Row and Def Leopard, which I think really shows his age, don't you agree? Plus no one ever said we were good pet namers.
Haysie (I'm not really allowed to call him that anymore) is in 1st grade and doing awesome. He's great at making friends and really gets excited about everything- everyday is the best day ever. But he does have one true love. Something the mother of a seven-year-old can be really proud of. Here's an example: every parent-teacher conference we go to his teacher asks him what he thinks are a few things he is really good at. I'm assuming she means things like reading or telling time or art, all things at which I think he is really good. Every single time the first thing he says is "video games." So that's about it in a nutshell...
Hayes, I love you! You always, always make me happy:) Happy Birthday buddy!