Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zoe Girl

What can I say about the sweetest baby that ever was? I'm sorry- I know we all say that about every baby, but this time its legit. She really is the sweetest. And she's doing great. As of today she weighed 5 lbs 12 oz and is offically one month old! She's getting bigger and stronger all the time. In fact, its almost like she's a real baby! As opposed to a tiny breakable doll we couldn't even touch. Her lungs are totally healthy, although she's still on a trace of oxygen and will probably come home with it. She just seems to like that yicky thing in her nose. No one has told her yet that its not very cute. But then, some girls can pull off anything:) We've been able to get rid of all of her IVs, including her pic line, so a huge wahoo! for that. The last hurdle to jump is eating. The hospital has a pretty strict protocol about oral feedings which we are working our way through. Most days I just like to complain about how dumb it is. Even though I really know it isn't. (Well, it kind of is) Patience is hard. Frustration is easy. Its a good thing she's worth it! Tyler has been amazing and hasn't missed going to work early one time so that he can stop and visit Zoe and feed her a bottle. She's already got him under her spell. Uh, yeah. I think we all saw that coming a mile away. And of course he's got the boys doing their thing so I can be gone. He's working so hard to take care of us all, and I just love him to pieces for it.
We get to hold and feed her at least three times a day right now. There is just nothing better than rubbing that fluffly baby hair on your cheek. Its my favorite.
I have yet to remember to take my actual camera to the hospital. I know. Therefore, all my pictures are from my phone. They don't even do her awesome beauty justice: Not quite one week with the cpap to help her lungsPic line in her head and a Miss Piggy nose from the cpapA new nightieWell hello there, Pretty Girl

Bath Night

Aww. Dax is in love with her. Hayes loves her but is less interested. Asher, not so much. I think he can tell his world is about to change...

One month old!

This video is of our first time to help bath her, when she was about 2 1/2 weeks old. It was unexpected, so Aunt Camille filmed with my phone. Not great quality, but super precious. If you are offended by naked baby parts, feel free to not push play:)

Thank you to everyone. For remembering Zoe in your prayers. To nurses and doctors who are wonderful to us. Awesome neighbors and friends who have done so much. And of course to our family for being there and loving us. And loving our kids enough to repeatedly babysit. And then babysit some more. We are blessed. Thank you!


Callan and Jaci said...

AWWWW EMILY! she is so dang cute! im pretty positive that her getting a bath is the cutest ever! she looks like she loved every second.soo relaxed lol :)

Deanna said...

Oh, Emily!!!! She's BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks like she is well taken care of. i didn't like how strict the nicu was with feedings, either...but like you, you hate them and love them. so glad she's doing well!!

How are YOU holding up? {loves!}

B. Chad said...

She is ADORABLE!!!!! I wish I was closer so I could help out! Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you :) Sending big hugs your way!

Katie said...

I'm so glad to hear all's going well! What a little angel! I love the picture of her with Dax! So sweet. I am so willing to help if I can...please call!
Love you! And I already love Baby Z!