Saturday, October 23, 2010

She's Home!

Miss Zee finally came home on Saturday, September 18, weighing in at 6lbs 2oz. The Monday before she was discharged she received a blood transfusion because of a low hemoglobin level. Apparently a super common occurrence with preemies, but still, I was a little nervous. Turns out those smart doctors happen to know what they're talking about. It was just what she needed to get her here with us. Seriously like magic, before the transfusion was even complete she began to turn the corner. When our fabulous Dr. Knochel explained how a baby's body works and why she needed it I was again amazed at the knowledge and capabilities of modern medicine. In the following days she was totally weaned off her oxygen and began to eat like it was her job. (Which it so was). Her stay in the NICU lasted 5 weeks and two days. Now she's gaining around an ounce a day and at her two month check up she was a whopping 7 lbs 4 oz! We've had her home for 5 weeks and we are just falling deeper every day:)

A cute Coming Home Outfit is a must. Ginormous Flower also a must.

And the brotherly love begins...don't worry Miss Zee, I'll protect you
I just couldn't help myself
A girl's gotta have cute toes. Just don't look too closely at my crusty, desperately-in need of-a pedicure feet. I'm making an effort.


Katie said...

I am in love with her! Can't wait to meet her.

April said...

Oh Emily your little family is so freaking cute! That little Asher melts me. I cant wait to have a little boy running around here! Zoe is so lucky to have come to a family with so much fun, and love! I know you guys are so far away, but we have got to get together! :)

PS.. I remember you saying your kids would never be "those kids" haha! Luckily, yours do it very adorably!

hillary said...

You DID post about little Zee. How did I miss it? She is darling, and those toes are just yummy!