Saturday, February 19, 2011

Christmastime 2010

Christmas is always such a great time of year, and 2010 was no exception. A few highlights from our Holidays:

Of course we had to visit Santa

All of Grandma Jo's kiddos. Use your awesome imagination to picture Zoe bundled to the bundle hilt in the stroller just off to the side. Also, brave, brave Krew. And Jaci.

The last day of school before Christmas break we were cursed, or, ok, maybe blessed- if you're one of those moms who are super prepared and ready for the holidays long before they start. You can always assume that that will never be me-with the first ever snow day that I can remember. Truly. Around these parts it takes a lot for things to shut down due to weather. But this day it actually happened. Being a true scout, Dax built a snow tunnel/cave/fort.

Hayes began construction on a wall from behind which to throw massive snowballs.

Ash did a little sledding, a little building, a lot of hot chocolate drinking.

And Hello! I made my very first ever from total scratch Cinnamon Rolls! They took forever, by the way. I don't know what I was thinking. It must have been all that snow. And the Christmas music. I was in a mood I guess.

The Nativity. Another first for our family, but definitely not a last. L o v e d it. Such a fun way to remember the Reason for the Season.

For some reason I started a tradition of making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve evening when the big boys were really little. The boys always love it, even if it makes me hate myself a little bit every year :)

Asher asked for an "inside tent" about a week and a half before Christmas. Santa may or may not have been a little stressed out by it, but he sure delivered. The tee pee is as big as our tree and lives occasionally in our family room. Thanks a lot, Santa.


April said...

Your home is so beautiful! I love it! (big surprise) :) Traditions can be so stressful. I agree. It really does make for the best memories though. I love traditions! Even though it does make me hate myself a little as well. Well said. :)