Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another Saturday

We seem to be having some pretty successful Saturdays lately-I'm not sure why, but I won't question it:) So this Saturday we tried fishing. Dax keeps saying he's pretty sure that he is now old enough to not be afraid of a fish if he could just get the chance to go fishing. Tyler bought an inflatable kayak last summer that he is in love with and wanted to take it out. Sidebar: I must admit that when he bought the kayak I rolled my eyes and said something about that being sooo stupid. It wasn't nice. I admit it. Back to yesterday. There is a small reservoir right below our house, so we decided to try our luck. As we left, Dax, Hayes, and I all adamantly expressed that we did NOT want to ride Tyler's canoe thingy. Turns out the fish weren't really biting (Dax doesn't have much patience to leave the pole alone for 5 seconds) but the kayak was a big hit! Every one of us got on and loved it so much it was hard to take turns. Tyler even "trolled" Dax around with his pole.