Saturday, June 7, 2008

Not Quite Skinny Dipping

Today after a family reunion in Stansbury Park we decided to check out the Saltair and the Great Salt Lake with the Bells and the Rupps. I have to say when we got there I was unimpressed. But Ren and Tyler had the kids down the beach walking out to the water as soon as we got out of the car and it turned out to be really beautiful out there. The water stayed shallow forever-it almost seemed like we could just keep walking across the whole lake. Wading turned into playing and splashing for the kids and before we knew it they were all soaked. LeAnn had a few of them take off their pants to stay warmer and keep the salt from rubbing on their legs too much and just like that every kid was swimming in their undies in the Great Salt Lake. Well, not just undies, shirts too. Hayes was really open to the idea of skinny dipping, but we told him we had to draw the line at swimming in his tighty whities. I'm going to have to save a few of those pics for future blackmail:)

PS-Tyler's Grandma Hayes (who grew up in Grantsville, not far from the Saltair)told some great, funny stories about going to dances there when she was young. I loved reading how they danced to live orchestras would hide in the bathroom from the Grantsville boys until the Tooele boys got there:) And Tyler swears he remembers going down a huge water slide there when he was little. The stories intrigued me, and because I'm a dork, I looked it up. The Saltair has a pretty interesting history. I would love to have seen it in its heyday. Anyway, if you're also a dork you can check it out here or here


JLR said...

What a fun mom you are. You guys always doing something fun.

Julie Geldmacher said...

Thanks for the pictures. You had a great time there! It makes Dave and I happy to see you all have such a great time together wherever you are.

Callan & Jaci Finch said...

Haha.. yeah Camille told me that. Thats pretty funny, not true, but funny. AND i looked at the history of the Saltaire from your page. That looks SOOOO fun. I wish it was still here.

Jennifer said...

I'm a total dork about stuff like that. I love to see what it used to look like and how totally cool it was. I read a Susan Evans McCloud book when I was a teenager that talked about it and I was completely fascinated. I've never been though. We are always driving past going out of the state at the beginning of a 15 hr drive or past at the end of the 15 hr drive back. We never stop. I've never been to The Great Salt Lake even. You have inspired me.

How very European of Hayes to be okay with baring it all. So funny.