Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Skate Park

Saturday morning we drove past the Payson skate park and when the boys actually expressed interest, dare I say excitement even, in doing something active without being forced (you WILL go outside and you MAY NOT come back in for ANYTHING until I say)we turned right around and went home for the scooters. They were almost as excited about the skate park as Tyler. He kept stealing Daxon's scooter, I think because he loves the sound of Dax whining. Right around the time that they started to loose interest a car full of teenagers pulled up with their skate boards. They were really pretty good and instead of big kids scaring the boys off, Dax and Hayes suddenly became braver, stronger, and had more stamina than just 30 seconds earlier. They were both convinced of how cool they were and have decided the skate park is the place to be.


Jennifer said...

Very cool. We've never been to a skate park, maybe we'll have to try it.