Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Heart Kyle Korver

I guess if Tyler can have a man crush on Deron Williams (or D Will-that's right, look at me, I know the lingo), then its ok for me to have a little crush of my own. My reasons for crushing on Kyle Korver are twofold: 1) um, he's pretty cute. Have you seen him? 2) For a few months now, random, unrelated people haved said things to us like, "we watched the Jazz last night and we think Asher looks like a mini Korver." Seriously, a lot of people have made this comment-at least more than two :) I got to see firsthand last night just how cute Korver/Big Ash is because Crae was super-duper nice and sent Tyler five tickets to the Lakers game that he wasn't going to be able to use himself. Thank You!!! We took Dax and Hayes and Grandma Jo and it was FABULOUS! Tyler so wants the boys to love sports, and I think last night might have sealed the deal. They cheered and boo-ed and jumped around and I am telling you-Hayes danced and clapped and bopped his head until I thought it would fall off. I don't think he can help it-he just feels the beat:) It was an awesome game to see, close scoring all night and in the end the Jazz won 113-109. Thank you again Crae, we loved it.

Dax in his free Jazz hat cheesing it up


Katie said...

Way cool! I've never been to a Jazz game, but it sounds awesome! I think that Ash looks like that guy, too. I always knew he looked like someone, and now you helped me figure it out! They're both so cute! Glad you had fun.

Jennifer said...

I agree, when I saw the picture of Kover I thought he looked like Asher. That is so nice that you guys were able to go to the game. How fun.