Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nitro Circus

We are thankful for Tyler's job everyday. Not only just because he has a job, but because he has a job where he is challenged and appreciated and can do something he's really good at. We are thankful even on the crappy, stressful days. And we are thankful because its turned out to be a pretty sweet place to work sometimes. A few weeks ago, they had their end-of-summer party. The summer season is a pretty big deal for APX. So naturally, to celebrate a successful season they built a motocross track on their front lawn and had Nitro Circus preform. Now, I know absolutely nothing about Motocross or Supercross, or whatever its called, and even I was impressed-it was super fun.

The view from the window by Tyler's desk

Tyson Rupp, Tyler, Dax, Hayes and Ash with Travis Pastrana and some of the Nitro Circus crew

The Nitro Circus Grand Entrance - of course they jumped out of a helicopter

APX managers (Tyler on the front row next to the #5) waiting for Travis Pastrana to jump them

The first jump

And another

Broc, Jaci and Callan

Hayes with just a leeeetle bit of his J Dawg smeared around. We don't believe in napkins. We just use our freshly autographed shirt. What the heck.

Camillie and Ash, awwww

Ok, so I know you'll be shocked when I say that I made us a tiny bit late. I mean, that's not me at all cough, cough. By the time we got to the meet and greet we were at the end of a really long line, resulting in the fact that they ran out of t-shirts. Dax got one that fit, Hayes got a man's xtra large and the rest of us got... the shaft. Sorry Tyson. Well, maybe I shouldn't say that. We still got to meet the celebs and enjoy the show. Plus, if you ask the boys they would say that the free J Dawgs, candy and COKE were the !bomb! and the party in their mouths was pretty cool in and of itself. By the way, if you've never had a J Dawg, you simply must. They rock the hot dog world. And I'm a firm believer that people who say they don't like hot dogs are just big fat liars.

The handsome Mr. Tyson Rupp