Saturday, October 23, 2010

Totally 4 Years Old

My everyday, all-day, cheek-to-cheek best friend turned 4. And let me tell you- when you have two big brothers to keep up with, 4 years old is older and bigger, which is both good and bad, happy and sad. Ash has to do everything the big boys do-ride bikes, skate board, play video games, go to school, play basketball and "fitball" and talk snotty. But for 6 hours Monday-Friday he can still be just 4, thank goodness. He LOVES to sing, color, secretly watch Dora and UmiZoomi play Batman, read stories and mop. Yes, he is the official mopper of the kitchen floor. I'm not kidding. I have FOUR children now. I'm just glad the floor gets mopped at all. Plus, he likes it, I promise! His besties are still Addie Jo and the twins, although he's starting to branch out and play at friends' houses around the neighborhood. That part of getting bigger doesn't make me so sad-I did mention that we're pretty much cheek-to-cheek, didn't I?Um, before I had any children I swore my kids would never be the kids in desperate need of haircuts riding their bikes around the neighborhood in pjs they'd had on for 48 hours with dirty faces and too-small moon boots in July. Huh. Wonder at what point exactly it became ok.Lunch at Dad's work-we love Impressive skateboarding, due to a very patient dad. Also placing the blame for the flip flops squarely on the patient dad. That is a canyon trail. Thank goodness he still has ten toes. He is, to my great surprise, the most gentle of all the brothers with Zoe. I think they are going to be two peas in a pod. And probably big trouble.The morning of his birthday he woke us up yelling "I'm four today!"As you know, I dearly love his longish hair. He dearly loves gel and (faux)mohawks. So I gave in last week, and what do you know, there was a pretty adorable kid under all that hair.

Happy Birthday Asher Bo Basher! We love you soooo much!