Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well, Tyler has finally done it. He's always wanted his own business, and now he's got it. Consider this the official birth announcement of High Five Marketing. Tyler's a very proud daddy and is super excited-we both are. I must be crazy because I haven't really been that scared or nervous to go out on our own. In fact, I didn't even freak out when he (we) made the decision-in just a matter of a day or two-to totally quit his job and start his own center. I guess that I always knew this was coming. The timing just seems right, so I hope I'm not eating these words in a few months! In all seriousness, I'm really proud of him and I know that if anyone can make this work it's him. So keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer or two for the Geldmachers and their new baby:) Oh, and if you need a job, let us know-we're always hiring...ha ha.


Peter said...

Good luck with the business.

I work for an online marketer, and his theory is it is not the economy, it is the marketing that counts.

Again, good luck.

Kristen said...

wow, congrats! We wish you all the best with you new "baby."

Jennifer said...

You're probably not nervous because it's the right thing for you guys. When it's right, it's right. Whether it's hard or easy if you feel good about it then there must be great things in store for you. I wish you the very best.