Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another, Equally-As-Important Big Day

Haysie Hayes is also moving on! He graduated from his last year of preschool on Friday. As it turns out, we had plans to go out of town over the Memorial Day weekend so unfortuately we missed the actual graduation program, but I was able to go to his last class and watch the kids rehearse. It was a hoot! Again, I may be biased (as with Dax) but I SWEAR he was the best singer and knew all the actions better than anyone:) I don't know what I did to deserve such great kids-but I love and am so proud of you Hayes and I count my blessing every day-even on those days (you all know what I mean:) ).


The Burke Family said...

Congrats to Hayse! Emily you have the handsomest little men ever, they are going to be such nice little gentlemen!

Tyler said...

Haysie Hayes, you are the bomb. Congratulations on graduation, and thanks for being such a good boy.

I Love You and I am very proud of you!!!