Sunday, May 25, 2008


For Memorial Day weekend, we went to see Grandpa Dave and Grandma Julie and they took us to Yellowstone. It was a fun trip, and included all of the essential elements of a classic family vacation: a lot of time in the car, a lot of sight-seeing, a little too much togetherness and a little to much throw up. And don't forget the souvenirs-you know us and PRIZES. Yellowstone was beautiful, if a little cold and rainy. It didn't rain enough to keep up from seeing all of the important stuff-Old Faithful, the bubbling hot geysers (sp?) waterfalls, and animals. Mostly buffalo. We heard rumors that there were bears roaming around, but we never got to see one. The buffalo were cool though. One walked right by us through the parking lot on his way to the bathrooms (at least thats were it looked like he was going) and a herd of moms and babies caused a traffic jam as we were driving. The boys loved the Dragons Mouth spring because it looked, sounded and smelled like a dragon lived there, I chose Artists Point as my favorite and Tyler was really impressed with the Old Faithful Lodge, which actually puzzles me as this was the site of the throw up incident. Asher just liked any moment he could get out of his seat. Grandma and Grandpa were wonderful to put up with us all-thank you so much for taking us, we loved it and we love you!


The Burke Family said...

That sounds like allot of fun! I have never been to Yellowstone, maybe that is a trip we will have to mark on our calendar! ;)

Katie said...

Yellowstone is awesome, huh? But I've yet to see a bear there, either. Good for you for a long road trip! THAT takes patiece!!!

Kristen said...

wow - I just think you're brave for taking your boys there. We've thought about going, but I can't get over my fear of one of them running off into a hot pot or something. It has happened (not to me, of course, but to other tourists). And knowing my own kids - man, that makes me paranoid.
So! Glad you all made it home safely! :)