Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Grotto

Taking a break 30 seconds in-this is the point where I thought, oh boy, this might be a loooong hikeCrossing the bridge-and I think Dax has to go
We made it to the waterfall!
Ash spent the whole time throwing every rock he could pick up
Last Friday we hiked up to the Grotto in Payson canyon with my friend Jimi and her adorable boys, Hayden and Rylan. It was so much fun! It's a pretty short hike but with a lot of fun adventure-y stuff for the boys. The found several "short cuts" from the trail which were really long cuts up a steep hill and back to the path again, and they had to cross the raging river on a log twice. They definitely felt like Indiana Jones. At 21 months, Asher thinks he is at least 6 years old. There were some pretty steep up and downs on the trail, but he WOULD NOT hold my hand or let me help him. He fell flat about 26 times but was very tough and now has some scars to impress the girls. The waterfall was perfect to splash around in and the boys even found some dinosaur bones to bring home. Literally, Hayes carried an entire backpack full or rocks all the way back to the car without once say he was so tired he couldn't take it anymore, which is what he usually says. And I have to thank Jimi for inviting us because my mom and Tyler both told me what a good mom I am for doing fun things with the boys. I had no idea I had them so fooled-especially Tyler! He's around to witness all the meaness. Secretly my reason for taking the boys anywhere is usually totally selfish-its because at home THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY!!! So thank you, Jimi, for helping me keep up the act:) Plus, we had a blast.


Jennifer said...

That looks like a lot of fun. You are a way cool mom who does awesome stuff with her boys. It doesn't matter the reason.

Julie Geldmacher said...

That is a wonderful place! A perfect place for little boys to spend an afternoon. They look like they had a great time. I hope you will take us there sometime. It looks nice for a picnic :)

Jimi said...

Thank YOU for going with us. We should really try to go one more time before school starts. My boys talk about it all the time. BTW you are a great mom, I could learn a lot from you! :)

Deanna said...

HEY! Found you through Angie! Your little bloys are getting so big! Love that cake - so cute!