Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You know summer has finally arrived when it's time for Snowbird! Tyler's family has been going there for a week every summer since he was little and now its a family favorite. The boys can't wait for it and they talk about it all year long. A whole week of eating, swimming, fishing, playing games, more eating, you get the picture. And here's a special shout out to Angie and Colby, because thanks to them buying a bigger place, the Geldmacher's (both sets) finally got their own room! Grandpa and Grandma have always been very generous and let the moochers (us) share their room and we are very thankful and always have fun, but I must say it's not too shabby to have your own spot to park it(even though its not really ours). We had such a good time, everyone was a little sad to go home. Dax even squeezed out a few tears on Friday night because he was already missing everyone. And I can't sign off without my favorite new quote "Oh my freak. Oh my hell" Sorry, Hiedi if I'm over doing it-you've just gotta love these little boys and their PG ferteen transformer movies :)Ok, so I didn't realize this would be the first picture, but hey that's a cake! Happy Birthday Tyler
Haysies first time on the climbing wall
Dax is finally driving alone!


Katie said...

I think I'd have squeezed out some tears at the end of a vacation like that, too! It all looks so fun! And I'm cracking up at that cake...I'm sure you made it for him, right?:)

Jimi said...

Love the cake-I had one like that made for Dee a few years ago-it was a hit! Next year can I come to Snowbird with you? :)

Julie Geldmacher said...

Thanks for the pictures Emily. It was a nice time. We missed having you and the boys in our condo though. It was really, really quiet. You are welcome back anytime.