Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Tyler is 32 tomorrow-and he's got some greys to prove it :) So, in honor of his birthday, I decided count down my Top Ten favorites about Tyler:
10: The dimples. Trouble from the start.
9: The eyes. Again, did me in from the very beginning.
8: He holds my hand in the car.
9: He is smart enough to always tell me likes my hair, no matter what.
7: He still calls me 800 times a day. I may roll my eyes, but I secretly love it.
6: He dosen't care what anyone else thinks-he truly believes HE is the coolest person he knows:)
5: He is really tender hearted.
4: He pretends not to, but he loves chick flicks and family Disney movies.
3: He totally cracks me up.
2: He is a very selfless foot-rubber.
1: He has Friday night sleepovers in the living room with the boys-every Friday night.
1: He is the best dad on the planet (sorry, other dads) and he loves being a family.
OK, so I could have just kept adding onto number one, but lets not get crazy:) Just kidding honey. I asked Dax what his favorite thing about Daddy was, and he couldn't choose between going to work with him or that Daddy will always play games with him. Hayes was sure his favorite thing was the XBox. I said, not your favorite thing, your favorite thing about Daddy. He said playing the XBox with Daddy. Big surprise there. And Asher's newest phrase is "Daddy. Hooome." This can either be said as a question or an exclamation, depending on Tyler's location.
Tyler works so hard to take care of our family, and I'm sure that I don't tell him enough how much I appreciate it. I love you love you love you so much and I don't think there are three luckier little boys anywhere. Happy Birthday! By the way, you are 32, not 33. On occasion I am wrong-just not on very many occasions:) And I put some Dave on my playlist-just for you