Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Since I was a little kid, the Wiley family has gone to Yuba for long weekend of boating and playing in the sun almost every summer. Because of some vicious wind/sandstorms in the past, we've tried a few other places over the years. (Uncle Bret vowed he was never returning to Yuba) But we-Whittiers included- just keep comin' back to the sandy beach at good old Yuba. This past weekend was beautiful. The sun shone(is that right?) the wind didn't blow much, and the water was good. But hello, I must really be getting old because a few times skiing behind the boat and one really good wreck and I am still REALLY SORE, three days later. Plus, no matter the amount of sunscreen applied, everyone always gets at least a little sunburned. But the soreness and sunburns are worth it, because I always forget how much fun it is to ski, or ride the tube, or whatever. All the kids are growing up and getting really good-you should see Natalie standing on the kneeboard:) And since everyone else makes wakeboarding look so fun and easy, I thought, no biggie, I can totally do that. Um, not so much. After drinking half the lake, I decided to stick to skiing. My body has been pointing straight for too many years to suddenly try and balance sideways. Tyler says that thinking I have to be sideways is why I can't do it. Like he knows. He kept asking what foot I would put forward on a skateboard. How many years have we been married? Has he ever SEEN me on a skateboard??? Anyway, I kept trying to get Dax and Hayes to try the little, tied-together skis, but they're not quite brave enough yet. Maybe next year. I think Asher was the best sport, he never cried or got ornery when it got hot, he just played played played. It was fun for all, we can't wait for next year.


Jennifer said...

That sounds like a blast. I have tried water skiing and wakeboarding several times and all I have ever been able to do is drink the lake. I wish I could at least ski.

The Burke Family said...

You guys are always doing such fun stuff. I have never been to Yuba is the water cold? It looks like it would be tons of fun (a beach away from home)

Callan & Jaci Finch said...

Im glad you were a good blogger and took some pics!! I got lazy..Dang! lol